Why Travel


Well here I am, a single 35 year old woman, giving up the stable career I’ve held for 10 years to explore the world, think deeply about who I am, and what I’m called to contribute to our world. I have an unquenching thirst for living a life filled with passion and purpose, and through this blog I want to share my experiences, the joyous highs and the difficult maybe even painful lows, with others who are also in pusuit of living their life filled with meaning and a desire to explore the world.

My name is Melanie and I grew up in the Puget Sound area of Washington state. I thought that by now, like many women, I would have met the love of my life, got married, had children, and be knee deep in a career I loved. I found myself knee deep in something, but it wasn’t a career I loved. God had a completely different plan for my life. My life has been filled with unexpected blessings that I wouldn’t trade for the world and trials I never thought I’d face. I will expound on many of these in my writing. One of the unexpected blessings was the ability, through my career, to move to Hawaii when I was 29 years old and I’ve lived there since. I am now leaving my cubicle and corporate america, selling all my things, and beginning my travels with soul-searching intent.

I’m inviting you, my friends, to join me in this voyage. Let’s travel the world step by step, country by country, enjoy the sights and scenery, and hold meaningful conversations with the people we meet along the way. Through this blog you will hear about the challenges I face, see me fumbling along the way, but most importantly engage with me through my prayers and reflective writing about what so many consider the big question in life: What is my purpose?

Finally, I hope that you join me weekly and find my blog, honest and encouraging. That even if your life looks completely different than mine, it in some way fills you with a hope and courage to step out in faith and take the risk necessary to find your individual calling.

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Photos by Sunny Golden Photography

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