Our Wedding: May 26, 2018 North Shore Oahu, Hawaii

One of the most cherished memories I have of our wedding had nothing to do with how great the food was, or what kind of dinnerware we had. They are about all the beloved hands that came together, hiking up and foraging in the mountains of Hawaii, multiple times, to pick all the greenery and meticulously put it together, the hands that brought the sentimental items from different parts of the world, those who found all the tables and linens, went to every Target on Oahu collecting the exact candles, and all the cherished hands that worked together creating the exact intimate wedding I wanted, dripping with flora, overlooking the beach I walked for many years.

The “I do’s” and our first moments on the beach as husband and wife

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The amazing people who pray for us, and who surround us with love on this journey.


And some details I just didn’t want to leave out…

I couldn’t leave out the black and white edits. They’re beautiful.

Thankful this path led to you.


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